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“Sweet” Jennifer Romero

Date Started: 2007-09-15

Jennifer, known through-out Arizona as “Sweet Jenn”, is Rosie’s wife of 37 years. She is mother to their 6 children and now happy grandmother to 11! She enjoys researching show topics, assisting in show production and manning the call screener station for our Saturday morning radio show. She is the first contact Arizona Homeowners have in calling the program, fielding dozens of phone calls each hour. She will very often answer the callers questions off-air when lines are loaded or the callers schedule won’t allow them to hold (she’s discovered many of those callers are actually calling from work!)She loves answering the phones and talking to the callers. She finds helping Arizona listeners find answers to their questions and dilemmas challenging and fun. When not call screening, Jenn is very active in the lives of all the Romero children, Carol Grace being the last one at home. Jennifer enjoys Sunday afternoon family Bar B Q’s at the house, riding her horse, Peanut, and doing what she can to teach Rosie horsemanship on his horse Patch Adams. It’s a work in progress! She’ll be awaiting your call every Saturday morning!

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