How to clean artificial grass to get rid of the dog urine smell? TextPicture

Can you recommend a product I can use on my artificial grass to get rid of the dog urine smell after it rains?

Don | Sun City, AZ

Answers from the Industry

The cause of the odor is probably due to the manufacture of the artificial turf not having the proper drainage for animals. If you enjoy your artificial turf and plan to keep it, the best plan of action is to invest $195 in a WysiWash sprayer. Spray the affected areas with the non-toxic and pet friendly tablets that delivers calcium hypochlorite mix that will neutralize the odor. It comes with package of nine tablets that should last you about a year, replacement package runs about $55. You can order locally at Easy Turf in Peoria. While you’re there, let them know the size of your turf area and ask for a price to their MaxxFlow artificial turf specially designed for animal waste drainage, eliminating this problem all together. This will allow you time to plan and save at the point your old turf is ready for replacement.