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Soil Enhancement

Cooler temperatures means Fall is in the air!! With the welcome break from the heat comes happy plants. Tune-in to the podcast below with John Eisenhower of SavATree for more in depth information! 

Monthly Tips for September

  • Rosie on the House Tree With Wood ChipsOverseeding your lawn | If possible, prune trees first to avoid dragging brush over the new lawn. What about timing?
  • Turf Health | Aeration, fertilization, insect and disease problems in turf
  • Late season fertilization starts now through November
    • Fall fertilization may be the most important application for overall tree health
  • Apply a 2-inch layer of wood chips beneath your trees.
  • Rake your fall leaves and make a compost pile. Add water and it'll be ready by spring!

Soil Enhancement | Why is soil health so important?

Soil Additives | Biological soil enhancer/Kelp extract/Humic acid/Citric acid

Wetting Agent | Surfactant/Beneficial soil bacteria/Mycorrhizae

Wood Chips:

  • Moderate soil temperature –> Promote root development
  • Reduce water loss through evaporation –> Increase water to trees
  • Promote nitrogen cycling –> Improves tree health
  • Improve soil microbiology –> Improve rooting environment
  • Reduce runoff and erosion –> Protect soil and roots
  • Control dust –> Improve living space
  • Control weeds –> Reduce labor
  • Pruning  can resume, especially mesquites and other trees that require 2x per year pruning.
Home Maintenance & Outdoor Living To-Do | #SoilEnhancement #CanaryIslandPine



Certified Arborist John Eisenhower discusses soil enhancements, the many benefits of wood chips, and other tips to keep your trees thriving. Testing a different type of grass besides rye for winter lawns with interesting results. Who's responsible if a neighbor's tree causes damage to your property? And our Tree Of The Month: The Canary Island Pine Tree.


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