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Tips For #HolidayTreePrep

Tree Tips For The Approaching Holidays Listen To The Podcast As temperatures begin to cool off, lighten up the pruning

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Tree Diseases

Caring For Your Trees Listen To The Podcast Topic of the Month: Trees are wonderful, and just like any other

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Tree Of The Month | Texas Olive

Texas Olive  Listen To The Podcast Tune in to Rosie on the House every Saturday morning! We will be learning

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Tree Tips for May!

#LandscapeWatering Irrigation: Re-set your irrigation timer/Water deeply, less frequently. Allow soil profile to dry out between waterings. Check soil moisture

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Tree of the Month: Aspen Tree

SavATree joins us and talks about the Tree of the Month, the Aspen Tree and our Monthly Tree Topic: #OystershellScale Tree of the

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Tree of the Month: Chinese Evergreen Pear

SavATree joins us and talks about the Tree of the Month, the Chinese Evergreen Pear and our Monthly Tree Topic: #PruningYourTrees Tree of

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What Trees Should I Plant In My Yard?

Consider Planting These Trees In Your Yard John Eisenhower of Rosie-Certified SavATree, our Saturday morning expert on all things trees,

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Benefits of Trees

SavATree talks about the Tree Of The Month, the Chinese Elm/Evergreen Elm and the benefits of trees. Benefits of Trees There

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Tree of the Month: White Mulberry Tree

SavATree discusses the Tree of the Month: the White Mulberry Tree and our Monthly Tree Topic: #FrozenLawnDamage Tree of the Month: #WhiteMulberryTree Scientific: Morus alba

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November Tree Tips & Holiday Plant Lights

Holiday Plant Lights Tis’ the season for lights! #HolidayPlantLights are always beautiful and won’t hurt your plants when adorned properly.  Plus

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