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7 Smart Ways To Store Your Holiday Decorations

As a homeowner, you enjoy decorating your house for the holidays, but like everybody else you also hate putting it all away. Whether it’s a decorated tree or a decked-out yard, we have seven smart ways to make storing holiday decorations easier.

1 | Plastic bins are the better way

Plastic storage bins, filled with decorations for various holidays.

When it’s time to store holiday decorations, plastic bins are best for protecting your items. Unlike cardboard boxes, they’re sturdy, crush resistant and stack easily.Plastic bins that come with a tight-fitting lid will protect holiday items from dust, dirt and pests. Color combinations, like red and green for Christmas or blue and silver for Hanukkah, will make finding the bins next year faster. 

2 | Leave your tree assembled

Taking your tree down every year is a pain. It can also damage your tree by bending or breaking branches.

To keep your tree looking new for years to come, store it fully assembled.Protect the tree by draping over a large plastic bag (you can find tree bags online). Then, use a zip tie at the base of the tree to seal the bag shut. A Desert Storage store manager also suggests putting pine-scented fresheners inside the bag to make it smell festive for the next season.

3 | Wrap lights to avoid tangling

There is nothing more frustrating than untangling string lights. Prevent it by storing them properly at the end of the season. You can wrap lights around items you find in your house, like cardboard or hangers to keep lines from tangling.

To use cardboard, cut out a rectangular piece that can vertically slide into your plastic bin. Holding it in a rectangular position, cut a one-inch slice into the top left corner and the bottom right corner. Slide one end of the lights into the top-left slit, wrap the string around the cardboard and slide the other end into the bottom-right slit to secure. You can either store as is or place inside a plastic bag to prevent it from tangling with other lights. 

4 | Save household items to store ornaments

If you don’t have the original boxes for ornaments or a cardboard insert to divide and protect fragile bulbs, you can reuse items from your house.

Collection of various Christmas decorations, placed into cardboard box with dividers

Save your plastic cups from parties or keep your egg cartons to create ornament storage.To use the plastic cups, you’ll also need a sheet of cardboard that fits into the bottom of your plastic bin and strong glue. Line up your cups in rows and attach the cups with glue to the cardboard. Then, store each ornament into its own individual cup to protect it from cracks and breaks. Make as many of these organizers as you need and stack on top of each other.

5 | Wrap ornaments with soft materials

In addition to keeping bulbs stored individually, it’s also smart to wrap them in soft materials to further protect them from damage. We suggest using old sheets or towels by ripping them into small squares. Or you could use some coffee filters to cushion each ornament in storage.

6 | Deflate and fold up blow-up decorations

Inflatable yard decorations are fun for celebrating the holidays. The challenge is they are more vulnerable to tears and leaks due to their fragile nature. You can avoid this kind of damage by thoughtfully storing them for the season.First, make sure you clean each inflatable with a damp towel. Then, let the decoration fully deflate on its own. Don’t force the air out! Once it’s deflated, carefully fold the decoration so that it can fit into a plastic bin. Secure its power cord with a twist tie and gently place inside the bin (heavy parts first) without overstuffing it with other items.

7 | Use a garment bag for wrapping paper

Keeping your wrapping paper rolls organized can be tough when you don’t have a system for storing them. The easiest way to create space for wrapping paper (and to avoid buying an overpriced storage box or bag) is to keep them in a garment bag. Yes, we’re talking about the clear, plastic garment bags you keep formal clothes or coats in. They’re the perfect size for the tall rolls and store easily in a closet.



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