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Imagine returning home each day to a space that invites you in and encourages you to relax, leaving the day behind! This is an outdoor space full of fresh air, comfortable seating, just the right amount of light and perhaps a block fireplace. It is an attractive space with beautiful interlocking pavers and colors that reflect the beauty of the desert.

In the Arizona desert it is possible to create this special place right in your very own backyard! Having an outdoor space to retreat to after work or a place to entertain on weekends is good for the soul, mind and body.

Our weather concerns here in Arizona are minimal. In general, our temperatures are mild during the winter and any chill can be offset by fire pits or space heaters. In the summer months the heat can be diminished greatly with the use of strategic shade, misting systems and portable evaporative coolers. What better place to watch a summer monsoon roll in or an El Niño storm drench the desert floor than from the comfort and safety of home.

First, consider what it is you like to do when you are outside.

Maybe you like to cook so a space with a barbeque or pizza oven would be something you would enjoy. A functional place with comfortable outdoor furniture, lighting and a dining table might also be in order. Outdoor spaces located away from the house or on obscure porches can provide quiet places for reading, studying or listening to your favorite tunes.

Spend time gathering ideas and doing your research. If you have a date you would like to have the job completed be sure to factor in time that it takes to obtain permits and order material. If you have an HOA don’t forget to check with the guidelines. Consider too, that you might need to hire contractors for the stonework, electrical outlets, plumbing, drainage or landscaping. Be sure to use contractors that are licensed and bonded by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors ( and for interlocking stonework an ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute certificate) is a must.

Next, try to envision what the whole yard plan will look like.

If the project needs to be done in stages, have at least a general plan so that the finished design flows well. Outdoor living spaces can add value to your home as well! The 2019 Cost vs Value reports that a backyard patio can add as much as 59.2% value to a home. The patio that the Cost vs Value report used as a template is 20 by 20 with a flagstone floor, lighting, a fire pit, shade and a modular kitchen (grill, sink, storage and mini fridge) all connected via underground gas or electric power.

Belgard products are perfect for outdoor additions and are known for their beauty and sustainability. This spring Travertino, the newest paver to the Belgard family, will hit the market. It has the aesthetic appeal of travertine with all of the benefits of a paver backed by Belgards Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty and manufactured in Phoenix, Travertino has the thru mix color typical of Belgards other pavers. It easily installs over concrete and pool deck with their Techniseal DriBond product.

Belgard pavers lend themselves to endless creativity. For example, pavers can be used for flooring, pool decking or driveways; dry stack blocks make great retaining walls or planters and kits are available for fireplaces, firepits and brick ovens. Colors like charcoal, fuego, and sierra allow the right mood to be set. Multiple textures and paver styles from porcelain pavers that offer a contemporary modern look or wood planks to natural stone replacement like Mega-Libre that enhances your décor, and everything in between, make custom spaces easy to create.

If your yard has drainage issues, consider the permeable paver for your driveway or patio and or turfstone for a grass area that needs drainage. Both allow water to drain through to the earth below and help to avoid standing or running water.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start when planning outdoor spaces. Belgard has a Project Guide that will take you through the steps.


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Belgard is a place where the outdoors is always beautiful. Since 1995, our locally made and nationally backed products have transformed thousands of residential and commercial properties across North America. Every day, our network of trained and certified contractors and dealers helps customers to envision their creative journey and realize their outdoor dreams.

We strive to improve our products by spending more than 20,000 hours in research and development every year. Perfecting new products keeps us aligned to current design trends and places Belgard on the cutting edge of manufacturing techniques and technologies. At Belgard, we set the standard for landscape design and innovation. We are committed to providing you and your family with years of outdoor beauty and protection. And we can’t wait to see what you think of next.


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