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Here are some tips from my exterminator friends:

  1. Expect unwelcome houseguests like spiders and scorpions from March until the end of November. In the winter, they’re content to live outside because the weather is pleasant.
  2. Scout around your yard to find their hiding places. Favorite hangouts are under decorative boulders because there’s usually a space of an inch or so between the rock and the soil—plenty of room for them to live without being noticed. Roll the rock away, kill the pests you can see, and then fill that space in with gravel or expansion foam
  3. Look inside boxes around the outside of your home, like the ones that house the electric meter, the irrigation valve, or phone and cable connections. Spray inside the valve box with an insecticide.
  4. Check the seal around your exterior doors. If there’s a gap of even an eighth of an inch between the door and the floor, that’s as good as a welcome mat for insects. Add a door sweep.

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