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How to Choose the Right Window & Door Company

Choosing the Right Window & Door Company

There’s nothing worse than horror stories of home improvement gone wrong, and windows are a major investment. Everyone hopes to find the right product at a fair price with an ample warranty that doesn’t cost extra, and an installer who delivers a seamless experience. So, other than starting with the Rosie on the House directory of certified partners —naturally—what’s the best way to ensure competitive pricing and no regrets? The owner of DunRite Windows & Doors, Sal Sucato, has a few tips that can help.

1 | Ensure you’re talking to the right expert for the job.

If you need just one or two windows replaced, or an interior door to a bedroom or bathroom, or you’re looking for repair services, don’t start with a windows and doors company. Most window and door companies don’t repair or replace glass. Start by calling a handyman or handywoman.

If the issue is broken glass, call a glass repair company. You will save money and avoid the minimum purchase requirement many window and door companies charge.

Minimums set by window companies ensure their teams are working efficiently installing windows. Their crews are not set up to economically perform small jobs.

You want to call the right expert for the job the first time.

2 | Have an idea of what you want before the estimate.

While you don’t have to pre-select a particular manufacturer, it can help the sales appointment go smoothly, if you have a basic idea of what you want.

  • Are you looking for vinyl or fiberglass?
  • Do you want black, white or another specific color of windows?
  • How about a different color on the interior versus the exterior?
  • Do you prefer thick or thin window frames?
  • Do you only want Pella or Andersen windows?
  • Is energy efficiency the priority, or are there other features or concerns, such as noise reduction or security?

Thinking through some of these things can help you determine what you do and don’t like. Look at homes in your neighborhood. You’ll start to notice things about windows that never caught your attention before, like green glass, certain styles, and colors, or features you really like. Soon you will find yourself building a list of must-haves in your head that can be very helpful to share with a salesperson.

3 | Get quotes from at least three companies.

Most homeowners don’t realize that some window showrooms are franchises, and some are owned by a specific window and door manufacturer. Their pricing can swing wildly from one installer to another. It pays to get at least one or two more comparable quotes and to make sure you’re comparing the same product, upgrades, and warranties from one quote to another. Even if you want a specific manufacturer, multiple quotes ensure competitive prices. It also flushes out those who mark up their prices to appear “on sale,” as multiple quotes will help you establish a baseline of fair pricing.

Plus, since some dealers only sell one brand, it helps if you get feedback on competitive brands and where they fall in the price spectrum. Sometimes a great product at the best price isn’t the one with the most name recognition. Showrooms or window companies that only sell one brand aren’t going to compare similar products or talk about lesser-priced ones with equal quality.

You want a salesperson who is up-to-date with current trends, product innovations, and design choices and is armed with knowledge about the pros and cons of various products.

4 | Look for professionals focused on customer experience and education.

Nobody likes high-pressure sales tactics. After all, the point of multiple quotes is to collect information, get pricing and find an installation company you’re comfortable with –not getting pushed into an on-the-spot decision. If anything about a sales appointment makes you squirm, if the prices seem ridiculously high, or you feel like they care more about the sale than you, the customer, listen to your instincts. There might be cause for concern. There are many installers to choose from, and you deserve one who gives you the respect and customer service you deserve.

You don’t want to take too long collecting quotes. Prices and availability fluctuate a lot these days. Be sure to take enough time to perform due diligence and find someone you trust. However, while a certain amount of urgency can lock in prices during a time when they change almost by the day, timing and delays should never ever be used as a pressure tactic to get the sale.

The right installer will sit down, discuss your options in detail, and make sure you are comfortable with the products and pricing they recommend, but
only as advisors sharing facts. You can make the best decision when armed with knowledge about what suits your home, your tastes, and your budget.

5 | Look for one that clearly sets expectations.

Good communication is key to a positive experience, and it’s important to find someone who is honest about what to expect, especially when it comes to the timeline. It’s taking far longer to receive product deliveries from the manufacturers than before the pandemic. Plus, we’re seeing more quality control issues because manufacturers are overloaded by demand and dealing with labor shortages. Sending something back and waiting on production a second time can cause unexpected delays. You want and need a partner who will keep you updated on the work.

You don’t want a company that goes dark nine months after the deposit check is cashed, with nary a peep.

It’s taking far longer to get from contract to completion, mostly for reasons beyond the control of the windows and doors company. All installers giving quotes should be able to provide a clear understanding of timing, even when an update isn’t what you were hoping to hear.

6 | Check reputation carefully.

Starting with a Rosie on the House Certified Partner is a great place to begin. Once you have narrowed the list to three companies, it’s smart to surf the internet and explore their reputation a little deeper. Talk to actual customers.

Spend some time online and check their standing with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.

It’s also helpful to look at how professional their website is. Check out review sites to see comments. How do they treat people on social media? Authentic, sincere attention to customer service is a positive sign, and poorly handled negative reviews or comments can be a cause for concern.

These tactics will help you narrow your choice to the three best options.

Have the company give you three or four of their most recent customers and call them. Ask them about their experience from start to finish.

Also, ask the salesperson about their warranties and customer service policy should something go wrong.

7 | Don’t forget to ask about unexpected costs.

When you’re obtaining price estimates for replacement windows, there are a few less common questions to ask that can be revealing. Are there any potential additional expenses to be aware of, such as drywall work, replacing dry rot or termite damage, or fixing stucco? Are they using installation tactics that follow specifications from the manufacturer of the product you’re purchasing? Is the installation warranty separate from the product warranty? Will the window installation impact other home improvement needs such as painting, siding, or home security?

The salesperson providing quotes should have an idea of any potential extra costs for a damaged window opening, old stucco that might crumble, or an installation method that will require repainting the interior or exterior of the home, but they don’t always think to discuss it in detail. They also might assume you already know. Asking questions about unexpected costs or repairs can address areas you don’t think to bring up otherwise or highlight an unexpected installation method that creates unnecessary costs.

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Windows and doors are the weakest link in your home’s envelope. Selecting the correct windows and doors can save you huge headaches in the future. Sal Sucato of DunRite Windows And Doors explains what a customer should know about how the right window materials, glass and proper install can improve energy efficiency, comfort and sound reduction. At a fair price and ample warranty too!

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