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Replacing Your Windows? Stroll Through DunRite’s New Phoenix Showroom for Inspiration & Comparisons

If you’re a visual person, walking through a showroom can really simplify the process of shopping for replacement windows — especially when the installer has a wide variety of brands at different price points to choose from, like the new Phoenix showroom by DunRite Windows & Doors, a Rosie on the House Certified Partner.

It’s much easier to understand product differences when you can see them.

A salesperson coming out to your home can bring a few corner-cut samples, which is helpful, but just doesn’t compare to actually walking through products on display, looking at color swatches and hardware, and comparing full-size products side-by-side to see how thick the frame is, how easily it operates, the quality of the corner welds, and the color of the glass.

Most people don’t know that the thickness of a window or door frame can vary dramatically by brand, especially for vinyl or composite; that some brands have glass with a green or blue tint; or that an aluminum-clad wood window can be colored on the exterior, with a clear wood stain or secondary color on the interior. Or they don’t know that a thin aluminum frame can look extremely modern. Until they glide it to open and close, they can’t possibly know how easily one brand of ceiling-height patio door glides versus another brand, signifying the quality of the rollers. Or that the knock on a vinyl door sounds completely different from a knock on a steel, fiberglass, or aluminum door, which can bother some people.

Seeing these differences in person creates a different shopping experience than simply hearing a salesperson describe them. It transforms the appointment by giving a homeowner more confidence in the product they decide to purchase. It also opens the door (pun intended) to questions they might otherwise not think to ask. It’s a great way for couples to go through the process together, ensuring they’re both on the same page with design choices and pricing.

It also can help prevent misunderstandings, ensuring the homeowner is happier with their decision as the years go by.

You will still need to meet a salesperson at your home, of course, so they can measure your windows, confirm that the style choices work with the design of your home, and solidify pricing. Go showroom shopping. It is a lovely way to enrich the experience.

“We’re proud to open a luxurious new showroom in Phoenix that puts the customer experience first, with more than 50 window and door products on display by Pella, Andersen, Anlin, Milgard, Thermatru, Arcadia, and other manufacturers. Our own custom design work and new products meet the revised 2024 Energy Star guidelines,” says DunRite owner, Sal Sucato.

“From the newest designer hardware from one brand to award-winning innovations like hidden screens and Easy Glide handles from another, seeing these differences first-hand can make the decision process much easier,” he says.

If you’ve already decided on the product you want, or you would prefer a more streamlined appointment, skipping the showroom in favor of just the in-home appointment is a great option, too.  Either way, DunRite Windows & Doors won’t pressure you to buy. Their culture is very focused on giving each homeowner a five-star experience by providing them with the information they need to make an informed decision. By offering products from multiple manufacturers instead of just one, conversations around the pros and cons of each product can be very helpful. No pressure or obligation, just the right kind of expertise to help you make the best decision for you and your home.

To schedule an appointment in the showroom located at 4626 East Thunderbird Road (behind Big O Tires), or at your home, visit DunRite’s website at today. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


CONTENT PARTNER | DunRite Windows & Doors

(602) 962-8848

DunRite Windows & Doors is a locally owned and operated family business in Scottsdale, with a solid reputation, incredible customer reviews, and competitive pricing on top brands. In addition to being Rosie on the House Certified, they are certified and authorized dealers for multiple manufacturers, and have several FGIA Installation Master certified installers on the team, ensuring you the best workmanship possible. Schedule a quote and ask for the Rosie on the House discount today!



As part of the Grand Opening of DunRite Windows & Doors Showroom, Sal Sacato discusses what you’ll see, feel, touch and operate in their new showroom. Window energy efficiency factors such as U Factor, Solar Heat Gain, Low-E coatings and noise reduction that can add to your summer and winter comfort. Windows and doors are the weakest link in your home’s envelope. Get an understanding on better windows and doors.
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