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The 70s brought us Avocado Green, Harvest Gold, Sunflower Orange, and Chocolate Brown. The 80s had us moseying along in pastel tones of the southwest. Every decade has its pallet. If your home looks like a throwback to yesteryear, consider updating it for the new decade. Angela Hirst, Showroom & Designer Sales Manager at Interior Essentials, a Rosie on the House Certified Partner, offers some ideas to refresh and modernize your home.


We are seeing more people incorporate mindfulness into their interior design. The focus is on lifestyle practices, such as yoga, exercise, and meditation. Rapid urbanization has made our lives faster than ever. We are seeking ways to de-charge our minds when we are in our home space.

Home Offices

Home offices are an exciting trend that will continue. The growing community of freelancers and entrepreneurs contribute to this by operating home-based businesses that offer professional services from their residence. Advances in communication technology have made remote-working jobs a feasible option for many.

Personalization of Space

Personalization of one’s home has become a priority for most people. Arranging pieces to one’s specific interest such as using the dining room for a home office or a creative space is just one example.

Furniture Trends

For a fresh update to your space, without having to buy a household of new furniture, start by reconsidering your existing furniture choices. Are they the correct size? Are they placed in the correct place? Try re-arranging things and maybe even losing a few pieces. This will make your space appear open and airy and possibly more functional. Plus, it is fun to move things around.

In terms of trends, mid-century and artisan influences with bold upholstery options and sustainable materials will catch our eye in 2020. Look for reclaimed or sustainable wood along with materials that are stylish but earth-friendly. Look for sleek lines and bold colors with retro designs to create a sophisticated space. Wood grains with funky patterns and textures capture the essence of mid-century modern furniture styles. Cozy bedrooms with dreamy upholstered headboards along with natural bedding that is not just to look at, but comfortable to lie and sit on. The trend in dining room table sets continues with mismatching chairs. Different dining room chairs in varying styles and colors allow you to be exclusively creative.

Color trends for 2020

Homeowners and designers alike are seeking warm and natural colors. Stark colors are overdone. Look for a wide spectrum of jewel-tone blues, shades of terracotta, living coral, soft pinks, deep greens, and warm neutrals.

Fabric Styles

The classic neutral palette remains in style. Incorporate texture and subtle patterns with a variety of visual interest. Clean lines with a geometrically appealing design will be a big part of interior design and décor.

Windows get overlooked because we tend to struggle with deciding on a style. Changing your window coverings can make a huge impact and also frame a beautiful view (if you have one), making it a great focal point. There is so much to choose from; bold with graphic designs, subtle with sheers or fabrics in muted colors or add some texture with woven wood shades. Drapery side panels on beautiful hardware can totally change a window and add a new dimension to any room, with either bold patterns floral or even very subtle muted colors. Finishing the look by adding new pillows or cozy throws to make it a warm and inviting space.


Wallpaper is back with neutral color florals. We are no longer seeing the typical grey or white clean walls. Wallpapers and textiles are making a big, beautiful comeback with more colors and patterns than ever. Any design scheme can find a beautiful pattern for an accent wall. It is easy to add a little punch to your walls with wallpaper. There are many trendy patterns and beautiful graphics that will make them look like you have hired an interior designer.

Smart Shades and Home Automation

This is the fastest growing and affordable area in the window covering industry. Both younger and older homeowners are looking to simplify and technically evolve their homes by purchasing motorized blinds and draperies. Motorization makes all windows accessible; control all your windows with a touch of a button. You can also control your home’s environment and lights remotely with an app on your phone. Motorization creates a safe environment for your children and pets.

Among the technologies that become available, motorization offers unparalleled comfort to many homeowners. Motorized window coverings also translate into energy savings, safety, and privacy. Now part of smart homes, motorized shades integrate with existing automation systems, including Lutron, Crestron, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

There are endless design options to choose from regardless of your budget and taste. Just a few updates and your home will feel like new.


Interior Essentials was formed in 2006 in Gilbert, as B & B Blinds. Privately and locally owned and managed, they serve the East Valley. Their experienced designers guide homeowners in making the right choices for their lifestyle and budget. They specialize in custom window coverings, motorization/smart home products, and décor. Interior Essentials has house designers and installers which guarantees the quality of execution throughout the completion of each project. Offering custom bedding, furniture, area rugs and, curated décor pieces they carry Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, Norman, Helser Brothers, and many lines of fabrics and wallpaper including Fabricut, Kravet, Duralee, RM Coco, Avendel, and Thevenon 1908. They were awarded a Design Excellence Award from the American Society of Interior Design in August 2019.


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