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Perspective can be gained many ways. Visiting my 95 year old grandmother this week has given me a good healthy dose! She is to the point where communication is limited and difficult. My mom and I spend time retelling grandma stories that she so engrained in us and was adamant that we remember. We talk of the memories she has created for us, the way she has loved us, the life lessons she taught us, and the delicious meals that she prepared. These are the things that matter to her now that life is winding down.

Grandma taught us that life is not just about our own house, home, castle or cabin. What really matters is what lies at the heart of our home, our core values. There are things that are worth sharing, passing on and cultivating in an intentional way.

Rosie and I support Living Hope Ministry  ( in Springerville, Arizona because they understand the importance of strengthening the family and passing on life’s most important values.This is a ministry whose mission statement proclaims; ‘we are to assist men and women in making choices that overcome obstacles, build strong families and honor life. We desire to give a hand up not a hand out and encourage education and hard work.  Practical help and the love of Jesus is a powerful combination.’  They do this by teaching parenting and marriage classes. Young families who take these classes are given credits that can be used to purchase diapers, formula and clothing. Investing in these families helps support the family unit in a way that will impact generations to come.

Perspective comes from realizing that while it is important to live in the moment and enjoy each day, it is equally important to keep the big picture in mind. It means taking the time to pass on things that matter.

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