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Choosing the proper light can transform a space. For example, adding a new floor lamp to brighten up a workspace allows us to work longer hours or enjoy a good book. Installing some wall sconces for softer light will add ambience when entertaining friends or relaxing with good music. Proper lighting sets the mood and makes everything better!

Lighting choices are seemingly unlimited.

We spoke with Ashley Childers, one of the owners of Statewide Lighting, a Rosie-Certified Company. She tracks lighting trends and assists customers in narrowing down these endless choices. There are many things that factor into finding just the right fixture for a space. Final selections take into consideration the design style of the home, existing finishes and colors, ceiling height of the room and proper sizing for the space.

Desired design style is essential and helps to narrow down the selection process. For example, you can bypass looking at Tuscan fixtures if the end result you are looking for is modern. Ashley tells us that currently many customers are looking for the contemporary, transitional, industrial and farmhouse styles.

  • Contemporary and Transitional styles are similar, both with sleek clean lines. They don’t necessarily make a statement but blend with most existing décor and furnishings and are noted by geometrical shapes with lots of rectangles, squares or spheres.
  • An Industrial design lends itself to the urban loft look with metal frames, mesh cages, pipes, or exposed vintage look bulbs.
  • The very popular Farmhouse style is easily recognizable with trends toward washed wood tones, exposed wiring, distressed metals, or even small pops of color.
  • Other noteworthy styles include Traditional designs like Tuscan with its signature iron scrolls or leaves, Modern with a bent for out-of- the-ordinary creativity or rustic with hammered metals or distressed copper finishes.

When a customer comes into Statewide, Ashley works to determine what the customer needs. Many customers visit the 10,000-sf showroom to pick out anywhere from one light to an entire house full of fixtures to update their home. Some know what they want, and some are just getting started in the process. The lighting consultants at Statewide are happy to help them all.

Lighting is a simple change that can have a big impact.

Changing one light can offer a home an update without a lot of disruption or changing multiple fixtures throughout the home can make an even bigger impact. For example:

  • Ashley tells us that most lighting manufacturers offer ‘families’ in product lines that use the same style, with varying configurations. For instance, within a lighting family there may be a large 3 tier foyer piece, smaller 6 light version for the dining room and then one-light pendants to hang over the kitchen island. While some homeowners may like the congruent look there is also a case to be made for not using the family of products but choosing fixtures that are similar in material but add an appealing eclectic look.
  • You can use metal finishes of fixtures to bring a room together. Ashley says to look around the room and observe the metal finishes on cabinet hardware and plumbing. Let’s say you have gold drawer pulls and bronze door hardware. Selecting a fixture with both gold and bronze can help pull the room together.
  • Take the opportunity to try something new! This year’s popular new finish is brushed gold. Add some texture with seashells, stone, wood or bamboo. Interesting colors and fabrics or textures can offer points of interest.

Light Consideration:

  • Lighting may not always be achieved with a bulb but with an LED (light emitting diode) tape that is hidden within the frame of the fixture and is not obvious until the fixture is turned on.
  • The nostalgic looking Edison bulbs are very popular for making a design statement and now with the nostalgic bulbs being offered in LED versions they are efficient and functional.

Updating your home can be as simple as updating lighting fixtures.

Choosing the right light for the right place can increase the functionality and the beauty of your living spaces. By replacing fixtures in your home, you can accomplish a simple update, tie design features together, express your creativity and style, and create spaces for maximum use and enjoyment.


At Statewide Lighting – lighting is our business. Family owned and operated for three generations, we have take pride providing excellent customer service, extensive experience and competitive pricing. We look forward to the opportunity to bid on your next lighting project and assisting you with all your lighting needs.


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