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Steps To Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting used to be installed mainly to light our way. Now, lighting goes far beyond function and can add beauty and ambiance to our landscape. Nick Cervi, owner of Rosie on the House Certified Partner Nite Worx of Arizona, tells us that if we start with a design in mind, we can take our home from plain to exceptional with the right lighting.

Start With A Design

Any good design process begins with an understanding of the project goals. That is where your ideas can interact with a talented designer to create the yard of your dreams. A lighting expert may know of possibilities you weren’t even aware of. The resulting project can become a striking complement to your home. We asked Nick to give us some insight into what we should consider when planning outdoor lighting.


Architectural features

  • The proper lighting can accentuate architectural features, highlighting the best features our homes have to offer. Highlighting features is superior to simply spotlighting. These features include entryways, courtyards, and window features such as a bay-type window. The architecture of your home, being highlighted at night with appropriate lighting, can add the ‘Wow’ factor to its curb appeal.

Special landscape features

  • Landscaping features, more specifically, great plant specimens such as a giant Saguaro or a mature mesquite tree, when lit, make it even more striking at night. Rock or boulder features can also make a statement with the right lighting. And lighting allows us to enjoy yard art in the evening hours.


Improve your outdoor spaces

  • Make Outdoor Living Spaces more useable and inviting at night. Courtyards in front of homes are becoming more prevalent; add lighting and extend the area’s use into the evening. Lighting pathways and driveways make navigation safer and easier. Also, simply finding our way around the yard without stumbling is a plus.


  • Proper lighting can enhance your home security while making it more attractive. Having a subtle blanket of light around your home discourages criminal activity. If a criminal act has occurred, there is a greater likelihood that cameras or neighbors can see what is going on. Lighting is also helpful to police as they drive their beats at night.

Backyard focus

You can take these lighting ideas into the backyard and add lighting to extend the use of outdoor living areas.  Patios, sitting area, pool deck, and BBQ space all play a role in designing your private space lighting.

Updating Existing Lighting

Most lighting remodeling starts with changing the fixtures for a more contemporary look.

  • Updated style: In the past, the path light fixtures tended to be rounder or have a spherical look. Today’s trending designs are more angular. The color of the fixtures tends to be darker as well. When we asked why, Nick said that white is becoming a popular house color again, along with dark trim colors on doors, windows, and eaves. The darker-colored light fixture contrasts that to become a part of the overall design.
  • Updated technology: Another facet of remodeling is to remove the old halogen or incandescent bulbs and retrofit the system with LEDs for energy efficiency and longer life.
  • Nick tells us that updating to color lighting like blues, reds, and greens is used for holiday and special occasion lighting.

The Hardware

Once the design is completed, implementation is the critical next step. The fixtures must be durable and tolerate weather your part of the State experiences. Designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Your lighting designer can help guide you through the choices best for your application.

The light source has changed from the old Halogen light bulbs to LED bulbs. This change applies to both new installs and remodeling. In fact, a large part of the remodel market involves updating the light source. Depending on the manufacturer, Nick says updating can be as easy as changing the bulb to achieve a fresh look.

Core Components Of A Lighting System

The brains of the system include the transformer, wiring, and conduit.

  • Typically, a transformer is needed to regulate the 12-volt lighting fixtures. This unit comes in a box that will live outdoors, so it needs to be durable. Stainless steel is a common and sturdy material that matches the job. Transformers need to be accessible for servicing as well.
  • The wiring needs to be rated for direct burial. All wiring should be underground except where it needs to be connected to the transformer.
  • Use conduit to cover any exposed wiring above ground.

Lighting can be controlled from an app on your phone, is convenient, and requires a Wi-Fi-compatible system. Nick warns us that the type of system you choose needs to be compatible with where it will be installed. The Wi-Fi device is often installed in that stainless steel box, impairing connectivity.

2 Notes Of Caution

  1. Dark Sky lighting is required in some municipalities but is a good idea whether it is required or not.
  2. Homeowners Associations (HOA) will likely require homeowners to get approval before installing new lighting or changing old lighting for new. Always check before you invest.

An experienced lighting designer can help a homeowner to navigate lighting their landscape and achieve a beautiful upgrade to their home.


CONTENT PARTNER | Nite Worx Of Arizona, Inc.

(480) 860-9600

Nite Worx of Arizona, Inc. is a Scottsdale, Arizona based company that Designs, Installs, and Services landscape lighting. We have been servicing the Phoenix Metropolitan since 1996. Nite Worx of Arizona specializes in the design and installation of landscape lighting systems for the homeowner with discerning taste. We install, maintain, design, consult and update LED systems.



Landscape lighting used to be installed mainly to light our way. Now, lighting goes far beyond function and adds beauty and ambiance to our landscape. Nick Cervi, owner of Rosie Certified Nite Worx Of Arizona, tells us that if we start with a design in mind, we can take our home from plain to exceptional with the right lighting!

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