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Category: Water Conservation

5 More Questions That Homeowners Should Ask More Often (2 of 2)

Listen To The Podcast Last week we covered the five least asked questions we have received that we think should

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Rosie’s Water Resource Guide

Get All Of Your Water Information Here. Listen To The Podcast Nearly every night Arizona makes the national news because

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Solution Ideas and Concepts On Arizona’s Water Supply, Submitted to Rosie On The House

Where Will Our Future Water Come From? When it comes to Arizona water and the current drought of the Southwest,

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Primary Water Could Change Everything

We consistently hear that Arizona is running out of water…but are we just not looking in the right place? If

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We May Be The Grand Canyon State, But The Rocky Mountains Are Important For Arizona

Listen To The Podcast No doubt you have seen the stories on the news about the water shortages in the

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Surface Water | Not A Cut & Dry Issue

After weeks of monsoon rains, you may have noticed a lot of puddles and dirt in your neighborhood. Or you

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Record Rainfall Doesn’t Mean Reducing Water Conservation Efforts

Water has been the big topic throughout Arizona and at Rosie on the House over the past few weeks. We

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Whether you’re installing a new landscape, renovating an existing one, or just looking for ways to conserve water in an

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Water Usage & Conservation

According to the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), Arizona used about 7.1 million acre-feet of fresh water in 1957

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Collaboration: Key To Arizona’s Strong Water Conservation Ethic

It’s no secret that Arizona’s population has grown steadily over the years. Since 1955, it has grown five-fold. But here’s

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There is just a hint of fall in the air! Temperatures are giving an occasional teasing dip below the 100

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We are all familiar with that dreaded feeling, discovering a puddle on the floor, sagging or swollen drywall, something is

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