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5 More Questions That Homeowners Should Ask More Often (2 of 2)

Last week we covered the five least asked questions we have received that we think should be asked more often. Check out questions 1-5 HERE. This week we are covering numbers six through 10 and why they should be asked.

Let’s have at ’em!

6 | Simple water conservation tips for home, work, and school.

We all know that water conservation in our state is very important. Even though we talk about it a lot, it still is a good idea to review some of these simple, everyday things we do and may take for granted. The key here, is to be reminded of the little things, so we can remain mindful of them as we move through the day. This article mentions actions we can teach our children to instill good conservation habits they will keep throughout their lives. The article goes on with tips that pertain to taking care of pets, even fish, that you may not think about. Workplace habits find their way into the conversation as well. Re-read this article and pay attention to the ice cube tip.

7 | How often should I replace my fire extinguisher in my home?

This brief article gets right to the point. We tend to forget about the fire extinguisher unless we mount it on a wall and look at it daily. At the workplace, where fire codes typically require that, they are more noticeable. At home, most of us opt to put it in a pantry, under the kitchen sink, or in a cabinet — someplace where the device remains unseen. Out of sight…out of mind, right? Do you know where your fire extinguisher is hiding? Well, you need to look for it and examine it. If it is more than 10 years old, you may want to consider buying a new one. You don’t want to discover during the worst possible moment that it doesn’t work.

8 | Will a high-efficiency air filter restrict airflow?

The short answer is YES! By their very nature, high-efficiency anything does the job very well — and there lies the potential problem. This article, while brief, again gets to the heart of air filters. They collect dust and dirt particles very well and need changing more frequently than less efficient types.  Rosie has some helpful tips, such as whether or not a pleated filter is better or worse than a flat filter. He also has some good points on when to change them. Read this article to ensure you are using the right filter for your unit.

9 | Budgeting for home maintenance.

Another often overlooked but necessary aspect of homeownership is budgeting for maintenance. This engaging article covers nine major areas of your home that need to be maintained.  A sizable number of home repairs and replacement projects can be traced to a lack of regular maintenance. The article covers your home and includes information about your air conditioning and heating systems, water treatment, appliances, plumbing, roofing, pool systems, electrical systems, landscaping sprinklers and lighting, painting, and security systems. The article is chock full of helpful pointers on what to maintain, when to maintain it, and in several areas, the probable costs.  Understanding all these facets of your home maintenance to-dos, will give you the information needed to budget for important household upkeep. You will also get Rosie’s thoughts about a home savings account vs. buying home warranties. Worth the read, folks!

10 | My parents are getting older. How can we make their home more livable?

This topic is relevant for our parents, as well as for us as we get older. “Aging in place” is a design that describes a more pleasant alternative to assisted living or a care facility. It is also referred to “living in place.” The article provides 22 steps you may need to take for your parents’ or your home to be made more accommodating and accessible, such as lighting, and example, if you change the kitchen cabinets, make them four inches lower. This allows a person using a wheelchair to easily access them, and that makes their life easier. That is the point, isn’t it?

There y’all have it!

Even if these questions are not the most asked, the topics are certainly worthy of your attention. Tune in next week as we continue to showcase topics that can make every Arizona homeowner live more comfortably and happy.



What are some simple water conservation tips? How often should you replace a fire extinguisher? Does a high efficiency air filter restrict air flow? How to budget for home maintenance? How to make your aging parent’s home more livable as they age in place? Plus homeowner questions that might help your future home maintenance projects.
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