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Rosie’s Water Resource Guide

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Nearly every night Arizona makes the national news because of our severe drought. Municipalities are digging into their tiered water restriction plans. As a homeowner, where do you go to get the most up to date information from our state, counties, and municipalities?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of where our water comes from, how it is used, how to conserve it and regulations surrounding its use.

The information is broken down by:

  • Providers
  • Innovations
  • News
  • Education
  • Regulations
  • Rosie on the House Articles
  • Sources

This blog will serve as our Water Resource Guide and will be continuously updated. Check here periodically as new information becomes available.



  • The Salt River Project, consists of two separate branches. The Association, which is the private water corporation, and the ‘District’ primarily focuses on delivering electricity throughout the state. The Association manages the Salt River water supply that many of the municipalities in Phoenix utilize and rely upon.


  • CAP, also known as, the Central Arizona Project, is the managing agency behind the 336-mile canal which runs from Parker, AZ down to Summit, AZ to south of Tucson.

Regulated Water Providers in Arizona

  • This comprehensive list, put together by the Arizona Corporation Commission contains every single water provider that is regulated in the state.

Conservation | Water Planners & Providers | ADWR

  • While not an actual resource on water providers themselves, you can learn exactly what sort of rules and regulations providers and planners need to follow.


Arizona Groundwater

  • An innovative video series produced by the University of Arizona. Throughout this 9-video series, you will learn the properties behind groundwater, and what makes Arizona’s hydrological cycle, as it relates to groundwater, so unique.

Project Wet

  • A cooperative program run by the University of Arizona, This is a comprehensive outreach program aimed at providing tools for teachers and students on water use in Arizona, from water-efficient technology, water-centric events, to a STEM program-focused on Arizona water and our environment.

Arizona Department of Water Resources

  • The state-backed authority on all things water in our state. Everything related to water use in Arizona, from data and analytics, events,
    current initiatives, and water-related resources.

Phoenix Water Services | Water Resources & Conservation

  • Contains a plethora of information for private water users. You will find tips on how to save water and reduce your water bill, fixing indoor leaks, finding efficient fixtures and appliances, and information on making your outdoor landscape water friendly.


Conservation Technologies | Arizona Department of Water Resources

  • With technology advancing at a breakneck pace, there are new and groundbreaking ideas in the realm of water conservation. The Arizona Department of Water Resources has put together a comprehensive list of new and exciting technologies. You’ll find information on plumbing, kitchen equipment, pool & water features, and laundry to name a few.

Examples of Innovation in the Water Sector | EPA

  • Similar to their water sector news, the EPA’s innovation page provides examples of innovation in the water sector on a national scale.

Governor’s Water Augmentation, Innovation and Conservation Council

  • Formed in 2019, the Governor’s Water Augmentation, Innovation, and Conservation Council focuses on new and unique ways to ensure Arizona has a head start ensuring the future of its water resources. On the webpage, various annual reports detailing what the council has discussed in previous sessions, and goals moving forward are available.


Arizona Department of Water Resources | News

  • Within the link above, you’ll find the latest news from the Arizona Department of Water Resources media arm. New articles are posted on a near-weekly basis.

Drought Monitor Conditions for Arizona | NOAA

  • Within the page above, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has detailed statistics on the current status of drought
    around the state. You can view county by county to see rainfall comparisons from years past, and who is impacted by drought conditions.

Water Online

  • Beginning in 1995, Water Online has served as a connection between technology fields and water/wastewater professionals throughout
    multiple municipalities and markets across the world. Includes information and articles on water scarcity, what can be done to mitigate the potential impacts and water-saving products.

Know Your Water News | CAP

  • Managed by the Central Arizona Project, Know Your Water News consists of up-to-date articles on all things water, and updates on the
    Central Arizona Project.

EPA | News from the Water Sector

  • If you’re curious as to what others are doing around the country as it relates to water conservation, visit the EPA’s Water Sector news

Western Rivers Action Network | Audubon Southwest

  • Consists of an aggregate of water-related news articles in Arizona. Articles are as recent as this month and going back to 2015.


Surface Water Regulations | Arizona Department of Water Resources

  • If you’ve ever wondered what the rules are when it comes to claiming your own surface water resource, you may want to check out the page listed above. Arizona has gone by the same straightforward rule for 100 years, and it is not as complex as you may think.

Arizona Groundwater Code | ADWR

This PDF document contains any bit of information you could imagine as it pertains to groundwater use in our state. It details the various types of ‘rights’ as it relates to groundwater use, information on permits, and details regarding ground water use in Active Management Areas (AMA’S).

Arizona Revised Statutes | Title 45 – Waters | Arizona State Legislature

  • The Arizona State Legislature has an online resource that covers the entirety of what is known as Title 45. This specific title/statute covers just about everything feasible as it relates to water, legal rights, and regulations. It is an incredibly in-depth resource on the water in the state but be forewarned, it is not considered light reading.

Throughout the state, various municipalities and counties have plans or policies in respect to drought and water management. Click the links below for more information on each city/county.

Rosie on the House

Central Arizona Project Canal: Arizona’s Source for 35% of Its Water Resources

  • If you’ve ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at CAP look no further. Rosie on the House was lucky enough to get a unique and in-depth look at canals workings. In the above article you’ll be treated to a helicopter tour of the canal, its origin story/history, as well as some statistics regarding just how vital the canal is to our state.

Irrigation: The Backbone of a Healthy Landscape

  • Consider how often your yard is watered, whether it be for your lawn, trees, shrubs, or flower bed. For older homes and in some case newer ones as well, the system you are using to irrigate may not be the ideal system. Just like appliances and plumbing fixtures, irrigation has seen innovations in efficiency as it relates to keeping your landscape alive and healthy. Within the article you’ll learn what questions to ask yourself as it relates to your irrigation set up, the different types, as well as what may work best for your yard.

Is Your Pool Wasting Money & Water?

  • With the unprecedented drought conditions, we are currently facing, limiting water waste is paramount. Often overlooked or unseen, pool leaks can not only cost you money but another precious resource in the form of water. We’ll show you not only the effects of water leaks in pools, how to recognize them as well as what you can do to fix them, as well as avoiding them in the future.

Preventing Water Waste | Urban Farming | DIY

  • If you’re interested in simple and achievable ways to reduce your water waste as it relates to your landscape, be sure to check out the page above. We highlight what we felt were the most relevant tips out of the 100 provided by Water Use It Wisely.

Taking A Hard Pass on PFAS In Drinking Water

  • While it’s no secret the water here in Arizona is quite hard, it’s not the only thing you should be cognizant of as it pertains to what exactly is in your water. In this podcast/blog, we cover everything you need to know about PFAS (Per-and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances) which are also known as ‘forever ‘chemicals. They can be found in rainwater as well in drinking water, however, there are steps you can take to limit your exposure.

Tips to Decrease Your Household Water Consumption | DIY

  • When it comes to your home there are numerous ways you can reduce water use. Whether it be from changes in landscape, efficient appliances/plumbing fixtures, we cover it all in this DIY article.

Top Ten Water-Friendly Landscape Tips

  • Often overlooked as a source of water usage, the type of yard/landscape you have around your home can greatly impact your water usage. In the article above, we lay out what we feel are the ten best tips for making your landscape water & desert friendly. From the types of foliage that are water friendly, overall design aspects, to the inclusion of hardscapes. You’ll be surprised just how many options you have for creating an eye-catcher of a yard without breaking the water bank.

Simple Ways to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Water | DIY

  • Being water use conscious doesn’t have to be an incredibly complex and difficult thing. Here at Rosie on the House we compiled what we felt were the best and simplest tips on making the most out of each drop of water.

Surface Water | Not A Cut & Dry Issue

  • If trying to digest the surface water regulations we listed above, fret not. Within this blog we lay out the basics as it relates to surface water regulations, that won’t require you to get a law degree in order to understand them.

Water Usage & Conservation

  • In this comprehensive blog, you’ll find information regarding all things water here in Arizona. Such as covering the various water users
    in the state and what they are doing in order to reduce their water consumption. To new and innovative technologies aimed at increasing
    overall conservation efforts.


It is up to each of us to be good, responsible stewards of our water resources. Just a few tiny adjustments to your water usage can have a positive impact that can last generations to come.



We put together a comprehensive list of the sources of Arizona’s water supply, how its used, the regulations surrounding its use and most importantly how to conserve it. We discuss some of the many resources that can benefit the homeowner. Plus questions on flagstone repair, lawn grubs and helping an elderly widow with a no longer functioning solar system.

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