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The power doesn’t have to be out for there to be a need for artificial light and in today’s modern world there are many lighting options. Be it for task lighting or emergency use, here are the basics everyone should have covered in their home.

Flashlight(s) – They come in many shapes and sizes for all different uses and applications!

  • Pocket LED Flashlights – The bulbs are much more reliable than traditional bulbs, they are light weight and you can often find them in packages of two or three so you can place one in each vehicle glove box and near each entrance door of your home.
  • Tactical Light – If the light of your flashlight falls on something or someone that is not supposed to be there, the jagged edge around the light can deliver a nice blow!
  • Mag Lite – I like the D cell size as the batteries are more common and it works as a great striking baton if need be. Not practical for every use due to size but that also makes it very hard to misplace.
  • Base Camp/Mega Flashlights – light the way for the whole family, signal an air plane or go spotlighting in the woods. If you have a need for a bright spotlight, look no further.
  • If you have a smart phone, don’t forget about the light you have on it. I don’t mean the glow of the screen, but the light for the camera flash. If your phone doesn’t automatically have a flashlight option for the flash, you can download one off the app store. It’s not a long term solution as it will drain your battery, but it’s great for a dark parking lot or for quick reference to find keys, etc.

Headlamp – No matter how silly you may look or feel with a light strapped to your forehead as if you are a great coal miner or something, there is a lot to be said about having both hands free while working under artificial light in the night.

Candles – Not ideal for outdoor use, but it’s hard to beat the cost effectiveness of candles. Plus, there is a good chance you have a few around the house already. Just make sure you have a supply of matches and lighters as well.

Kerosene Lamp– We love our lamp and we light it at times just to enjoy the flickering glow as if we were around a campfire in the old west. They are affordable and readily available in hardware stores, many livestock supply stores and numerous online stores. Oil and wicks are sold separately. Humidity and elevation can factor into the burn hours. Make sure you test for several nights, taking careful measurements of oil and wick usage, so you can properly prepare for the number of burn hours you desire.

    NOTE: Use extreme caution if you have children or indoor pets.

Fire Starter – If all mechanical options fail when you are in need of light and you are in an area safe for fire, having a small hot spark/flint tool to get one going is the best option I know of. No oil required and it won’t go bad if it gets wet like matches will. Since learning how to use a hot spark in Cub Scouts, I have always kept at least two around the house, one in my day hiking pack and a backup somewhere in that drawer of miscellaneous items we all have.

Retailers – Local and online retailers for the items listed on this page.

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Summit HutTucson & Oro
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