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Going up on your roof might not be something you’re interested in trying. Remember that dew and frost on cold Arizona mornings can even make a flat foam roof quite slippery.

Most reputable roofing companies will inspect your roof for no-charge anyway and give you a free estimate of what repairs your roof may need.

If you have a flat roof (foam, built-up or rolled asphalt) on a one-story house, you might be able to check out a few problems. Here is what to watch for:

  • Check out all roof penetrations, including the chimney, vents, flashing, air conditioner stands, and antennas. Look for cracks in the stucco on parapet walls. You can repair some exposed areas yourself.
  • Remove any debris from trees and plants; be especially particular to keep screens on drain scuppers or gutters free from branches and leaves.
  • Trim tree branches hanging over the roof.
  • Inspect transitions where your flat roof joins a tiled or shingled roof to see if there are holes that could let water into the house.
  • Reattach loose roofing material or drip-cap flashing on outer edges of the roof.
  • Fill holes pecked by birds in foam roofing.

If you have a flat roof covered with foam, remember you must have the elastomeric covering on the foam redone every five to seven years so the foam does not get “sunburned.”

If you have a pitched roof, you can still spot trouble areas on your roof so that you can call a roofer to make a thorough inspection plus repairs. Watch for:

  • Broken concrete or clay tiles that might need replacing.
  • Areas where fiberglass asphalt shingles may look as if they’re missing.
  • Metal flashing around vents or chimneys that may have come loose during a storm.

If you are interested having an inspection done on your roof, be sure to call a licensed, bonded and insured roofer.

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