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Disease Preventatives for Trees

Disease Preventatives for Trees

One of the most important measures for ensuring health and longevity for the living trees we care for, is to keep them healthy – a.k.a prevent them from catching disease! Tune-in and listen to the interview below for a more in-depth discussion with SavATree.

Disease Prevention:

Too much water in the rootzone of some tree species creates an environment conducive to fungal pathogens such as Texas Root Rot. Susceptible trees include Chinese Elm, African Sumac, Aleppo Pine, Australian Bottle Tree.

Steps to Consider:

  1. During monsoon cycle, set the irrigation timer to the RAIN setting
  2. Turn off just the tree station. Turn it on after 7 to 10 days of sunshine
  3. Increase the time between watering cycles so the rootzone can dry out
  4. Incorporate organic matter into the soil
  5. Apply wood chips to the soil surface
  6. Apply soil amendments such as ArborKelp

Monthly Tree Tips:

Monsoon | Earlier this summer, we were asking ourselves if this year would be another NONsoon. Well, tune-in below, I think we have our answer!

Special Guest:

Laura Hackett from Liberty Wildlife on Trees and Birds:

  1. How trees can be habitat
  2. Protecting nesting
  3. Encouraging planting of trees to help wildlife
  4. Co-existing with birds and wildlife
  5. Key points in the TCWB Best Management Practices


Home Maintenance Calendar | #DiseasePreventatives & #WeepingAcaciaTree


Sarah Maitland of SavATree is joined by special guest Laura Hackett of Liberty Wildlife Rescue who care for injured wildlife. The bird population in North America has drastically decreased over decades. We explain how trees in your landscape can help wildlife and improve co-existence with birds and other wildlife. Plus the Tree of the Month for August the #WeepingAcaciaTree!


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