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Your roof’s foam covering is topped with an elastomeric material that protects it from ultraviolet sunrays and can help the roof last for 25-plus years. So it’s important to recoat your foam roof every five to 10 years as that protective covering wears thin.

Between recoatings, here’s what you can do to make sure your foam roof performs well and lasts a long time: 

  • Keep your roof clean. Once a year, climb up there (carefully!) or hire a roofer to do it, and remove tree branches, bird’s nests, leaves and debris so they don’t compost on the foam and cause it to decompose. A good time to do this is after monsoon season, when rain and wind deposit all kinds of debris up there.
  • Get a pro to inspect your roof at least every five years. A roofer can tell you when it’s time to recoat your roof or if any holes need repairing.
  • Notice the texture of the roof. It should look a little bit like an orange peel or basketball. If it resembles scrambled eggs or popcorn, the material has been compromised. If any foam is exposed or deteriorating, your re-coating is past due.
  • Don’t recoat the roof yourself. A pro will clean and prepare it properly, use the best kind of coating and coat it thoroughly.
  • Keep furniture off of the roof, and avoid dropping anything on the foam that could poke holes in it.
  • Ask the roofer to check for ponding water on the roof. It’s possible to prevent puddles by creating some slight sloping on a flat roof as the foam is applied. 

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