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Everything You Need to Know About Squatters’ Rights in Arizona

Do Squatters Have Rights In Arizona?

Squatters Rights May Affect You

Home left empty while owners are out of town for the summer
Home left empty while the owners are out of town for the summer

Did you know that there is such a thing as squatters rights? Squatting is trespassing with the intent to possess the property. The laws that govern squatting vary from state to state. The laws usually require that the squatter is on the land for 4-20 years, pays property tax, and no effort is made by the property owner to evict them during that time.

The current version of squatting is a different situation.

There are current stories in our country of people moving into homes and assuming residency and demanding ownership immediately. This generally happens while the home is empty. Homeowners might be on vacation, or the house is vacant while up for sale. Squatters remove the owners’ belongings, move in with their own stuff and assume control of the home.

Here is a video by ABC News about “a Florida property owner [who] tells her story about two women who allegedly squatted in one of her homes”: New “Squatter” Law Signed In Florida.

How Could This Happen You Ask?

When the police are called, currently they have no power to determine who the owner is. It becomes a civil matter, and the burden of proof is on the owner. The police will ask the homeowner to leave and resolve the issue in court. Court matters, as you know, can drag on for months and be very costly!

Last month, Governor DeSantis of Florida passed a no squatter law HB 621 that has paved the way for other states to follow suit.

Arizona legislature drafts an anti-squatter bill.

Arizona flag, US State Flag, USA
Arizona flag, US State Flag, USA

This past Wednesday, SB 1129 was presented in a press conference on the Senate lawn by Senator Wendy Rogers at the Arizona Capital.

This bill gives police in Arizona the authority to remove trespassers immediately. All that is needed is a sworn affidavit by the owner. If the person submitting the affidavit is the same person on record as the property owner, the authorities can remove the trespassers.

The owner can request police presence while the trespassers are removed. The police may charge a fee for the time of supervision. This would be payable by the person who requested it.

The bill has passed both the Arizona House and Senate. The last step is for it to be signed by Governor Hobbs. A request for emergency status was short by 1 vote from congress.

Suggestions for keeping your home free from trespassers:

  • Contact your city police to find out their recommendations to protect your home in your area.
  • Vacation watch – Inform your city police when you will be out of town. Let them know if there will be anyone allowed on your property while you are gone. If there are house sitters, give them the name of the sitter and the model and make of the car.
  • Let your trusted neighbors know that you will be away. Give them a key and give their contact info to the police.
  • Have mail and newspapers stopped.

    Don't let your mail pile up while out of town
    Don’t let your mail pile up while out of town
  • Install non-drillable locks.
  • Hire someone to watch the home.
  • Make your home looked lived in. Use automation to schedule lights, tv or music to come on throughout the day or night.
  • Install a Ring Doorbell to alert you when people are at your door. Monitor it.
  • Install a motion camera in your home. Monitor it and alert the police at the first sign that there are intruders.

Check out our article: 18 Tips For #SmartSecurity At Your Home. These are good tips for all homeowners when they leave for a vacation or when they have a home for sale that they must leave vacant.



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