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Aging / Living In Place

Everything You Need to Know About Squatters’ Rights in Arizona

Do Squatters Have Rights In Arizona? Listen To The Podcast Squatters Rights May Affect You Did you know that there

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Secure Your Legacy: Why and How to #DocumentYourEstate

Listen To The Podcast When a loved one passes on, moving through grief while managing their estate can be difficult.

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Adapting to #SmartTechForSeniors

Listen To The Podcast Technology has significantly advanced over the last 20-plus years and continues to at, what some might

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Play It Smart: Learn How To Be On The Offensive When Choosing A Service Provider

Tips on How to Play it Smart When Hiring a Contractor Listen To The Podcast Homeowner headaches happen to all

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Considerations For Aging In Place In Your Home

Listen To The Podcast Are you wondering where you will spend your sunset years? Do you plan on living them

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Appliance Choices That Can Help Make Life Easier and Food Better!

Listen To The Podcast Is it time to update or replace your appliances? Investing in easy-to-use appliances can make it

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#GetAGrip On Things Around Your Home

Listen To The Podcast Have you ever pulled a muscle sliding down the hallway on a rug that was not

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What You Need To Know About #BuildingPermits

Listen To The Podcast Have you ever heard someone say, “Aww, I don’t need a permit for that…”? In the

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Life Changing Documents You Should Never Be Without

Life Changing Docs & Why You Should Never Be Without Them! Jennifer Romero is passionate about sharing the importance of

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Products To Help You Age In Place

A Life Worth Living in Place: Products To Help You Age In Place There are lots of products to choose from.

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This “how-to” is the first in a series of articles relating to Seniors & Smart Technology. A few years ago,

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As difficult as the decision may be, sometimes the need to move a loved one from their home and into

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