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You can easily prevent the need for service on your home’s appliances and systems by keeping up with maintenance and by using those devices more carefully. 
The four most common preventable problems that lead homeowners to make claims on their home warranty plans involve furnace break downs, dishwasher malfunctions, garbage disposal meltdowns and stopped-up toilets, according to the Home Warranty Association.

Here are some easy ways to prevent those problems.   

  1. Change your furnace’s filters every month, and turn on your furnace for 15 minutes a month during the warm-weather season to keep it lubricated and problem-free should you need it when the outdoor air cools off.
  2. Use dry, not liquid dish washing detergent. Liquids and gels leave behind more residue, which can clog.
  3. Run cold water in the disposal before you turn it on, while it’s in use and then for a full minute after it’s finished. The water will clear lingering food particles from the drain line. Also, don’t throw bones, celery or citrus rinds into the disposal. They can clog drain lines and damage the disposal.
  4. Don’t put anything in the toilet that doesn’t belong there. Diapers, tissues, paper towels, and even hair and over-the-rim bowl sanitizers can cause problems beyond clogs.
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