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If you’re going to invest in your home by “going” solar, begin by resolving to buy a good system. Then, hire a bonded, insured installer with a plumber’s or electrician’s license from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and with many years of experience installing solar panels.
Since 2008 when our electric utilities started offering rebates to homeowners for installing solar panels, about 200 new solar installers have started businesses in the state. During that time, the amount of each rebate has been reduced by two-thirds, and eventually, they’ll run out. When that happens, many of those newcomers will run out on you.

Your best bet: Consider more than the bottom line when hiring a solar installer. Do business with an established, local company that has installed hundreds of systems already. Work with an installer who knows how to size a unit and who asks you lots of questions about your family, lifestyle and energy use before recommending a product. Go with a vendor who will do the rebate paperwork for you (you can even ask most companies to accept the rebate on your behalf as your final payment for the job). Patronize a contractor who will allow you to make payments as the job progresses instead of insisting on payment in full up front. 

And never, ever buy solar equipment until you understand why you’re going with a particular model or size and you feel comfortable with the company you’re hiring. Reputable installers do not pressure you with “today-only” prices.

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