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  1. Cover frequently traveled areas of the pool deck with no-slip mats to prevent wear and tear.
  2. Keep metal furniture off of the pool deck. Rust stains from metal chairs can stain your acrylic or Kool Deck pool deck.
  3. Clean your pool deck frequently with a leaf blower or hose.
  4. Clean up spills as soon as they drop to prevent staining. Scrub acrylic or Kool Deck with soap or laundry detergent and water.
  5. Keep your deck area clear of overhanging trees. Leaves and fruit that drop on the deck can stain it.
  6. Likewise, avoid spilling fertilizer on your pool deck. Fertilizer contains iron, which can leave a hard-to-remove orange stain.
  7. To clean up set-in stains, use Kool Deck’s Commercial Cleaner. Scrub rust stains with a solution of 40 percent muriatic acid and 60 percent water (the solution should bubble). Caution: Muriatic acid is corrosive. Wear safety glasses, protective clothing and rubber gloves when you handle it. Also, the acid will etch stone, so don’t use it on natural stone. It will also kill grass and plants in close proximity to the deck surface being cleaned.

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