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The focal point of every bathroom is the tub. A dingy one can make the whole room look dingy.

Can’t afford to tear your old one out and put in a new one? No need.

Leave your tub where it is, and cover it with a molded acrylic tub liner.

A bathroom expert I know says this option is far less expensive than re-glazing or replacing your chipped, worn-out bathtub or shower.

Fitting an acrylic tub liner and wall surround over top of an old tub is a process that can be done in about a day and doesn’t usually require you to buy new faucets.

Manufacturers of durable, scratch-resistant, dent-resistant acrylic tub liners have molds of almost every kind of tub. They’re non-porous, unlike some tub surfaces, so they won’t stain, rust or encourage mildew to grow. Plus, the material’s color goes all the way through, so chips or scratches are easy to repair.

Acrylic wall surrounds cover chipping tile and dirty grout without the work of re-tiling. The simulated tile, granite and marble looks are far more realistic in today’s models than in the past, and they come in plenty of colors, so you can choose one to match your sink and floor.

White is the most popular color for this remodeling project because of its staying power. To soften the look, choose an off-white or beige, which goes with everything and is more in style right now than bright white.

  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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