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Scottsdale Weed Control & Fertilization, LLC

Family Owned and Operated = Dedication to Value and Service

Scottsdale Weed Control & Fertilization, LLC. is a local, family owned and operated business.  With over 15 years of experience, all of Scottsdale Weed Control & Fertilization,LLC. employees are committed to excellence, professionalism, and top quality work. Scottsdale Weed Control takes great pride in providing each and every customer with personalized care and the highest quality work available.

  • Turf: SWC designs custom-mixed fertilizers to supply your turf with exactly what it needs to stay healthy and green. Our powerful weed control treatments, applied either before or after weeds sprout, will keep your lawn weed-free all year long. We specialize in eliminating crabgrass and nutsedge—two of your lawn's most troublesome weeds.
  • Desert Weed Control:  Clients know Scottsdale Weed Control will rid their properties of invasive weeds without harming sensitive plants. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff will treat your natural xeriscaping with the care it deserves. We professionally apply pre and post emergent and each application carries a 6 month warranty to keep your property looking it's best.
  • Weed Spraying Schedule: Pre- and post-emergents can be applied any time of the year. So don't wait to schedule an appointment. We can get your weeds under control now!
  • Disease Diagnostic and Treatment: SWC diagnoses diseases and pathogens on all plants as well as artificial turf.
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  • Stump Sprout Treatments:  Many trees will sprout suckers from the stump or roots when the tree is cut down (especially Sissoo trees).  We will properly treat the stump to kill it AND the root system (not just a "painting" of the stump).  Once the stump is removed, there is little that can be done to contol the suckers so it is imperative the stump is treated BEFORE removal. If you are planning on removing a tree, call us before the tree is cut down.  We coordinate directly with the stump grinder and tree company to make sure all necessary steps are taken.
  • Sterilization of Olive Trees: A process performed early in the year to eliminate the produce from an Olive tree and keep your yard cleaner!
  • The SWC Weed-Free Warranty: At SWC we back up our weed-control applications with a free 6-month warranty. If weeds come back after we've sprayed, we'll respray them at no additional charge.
  • QP License # 8152 B3-B5     
    Business License # 8160  
    Applicator License # 020921 B3-B5


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    17 years

    • "They miraculously transformed my lawn to the point that my lawn guy wants to know what he used!" DOWNLOAD PDF
    • "...So, we called Ray at Scottsdale Weed Control... Ray explained the treatment and recommendations to systematically eliminate the invasive weeds. We are so happy, we asked him to sign us up to come back in September. Also, he gave us a 2024 Rosie’s calendar..." DOWNLOAD PDF

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