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Sometimes, they walk right through the front door.

Or the back door or the garage door, which you probably leave wide open some of the time.
They also sneak in through cracks in your walls and foundation, through holes in your window screens and through openings in the home that let in cables, wires and pipes.
If they live in trees, they’ll drop right onto your roof and crawl through tiny openings or your air conditioning vents right into your attic.
And you carry them in—on blankets, trays and other items that you leave outside for any length of time.
Once they’re inside, they’re hard to get rid of. They send signals to their friends to join them.
That’s trouble. A female cricket who takes up residence in your home, for example, will probably lay her eggs indoors. Hundreds of eggs. Those crickets will eat up your fabrics—everything from silk to wool.
And they’ll attract spiders and scorpions, which consider crickets gourmet food.
So seal those leaks, patch torn screens and keep your doors closed!


  • Sanderson Ford

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  • Sanderson Ford

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