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So many options for so little square footage! It’s a little silly to have six types of flooring in a 2,000 square foot house, so let’s narrow down the options to what will work best for your lifestyle. Finding what’s right for you starts with asking yourself some basic questions:

What fits in my budget?
This can make or break the deal. You don’t want to have your heart set on natural stone floors if you’re looking for less than $5 per square yard. You want to get the best quality flooring for your budget. Remember, if deciding on tile, always buy more than you need. If anything happens to a tile (chipping, cracking), you want replacement tiles that will match what you already have. Most flooring companies recommend you buy 10% more than you need for the entire home. If you like the look of hard wood floors but don’t have the budget, look into engineered wood. It’s easy to install and maintain as well. 

How much time & effort do I want to put into maintaining the floor?
Different flooring materials require different cleaning and maintenance procedures. No matter what floor you choose, proper maintenance is essential to keeping it looking new longer. Any type of natural stone, although very high-end, requires the most time and effort to maintain. There’s no sense in purchasing expensive flooring if you are not willing to set aside the allotted time to keep it up. Flooring like concrete, terrazzo, or natural stone require maintaining the seal.

What will I be doing in these areas?
Will food be frequent in the room? Use flooring that can easily be wiped down after spills and splatters. Carpet and saltillo tile won’t fare well. Do you want to soundproof a room? Don’t use tile; it can have the opposite effect. Designing a workout room? Try something a little unconventional like cork flooring. Are you updating a formal living room? Perhaps this is where you want to splurge for something more high-end and polished like terrazzo.

Are these high traffic areas?
Entryways, family rooms, and other areas used very frequently need to have highly durable floors. These areas can get the dirtiest and need the most care and attention. Choose something of high quality with great durability.

Whatever you decide, look towards the future. Are you going to like this look in 5, 10, 15 years Or is this a highly trendy look that you may want to change in a few years? If you are planning on living in the home through your golden years, you can have more flexibility. If five years sounds more like the amount of time you’re looking at, consider what will add to the look and resale value of your home when you’re ready to move.###

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