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Steel front doors are the least expensive when compared with fiberglass or wood.            

Lots of people use them as garage doors, but they’re not as popular as fiberglass or wood for front doors.            

Steel doors come in many different styles and panel configurations, but you probably won’t be able to find one with the rustic look that’s most popular for Southwestern-style stucco homes.            

The negatives:

  • They’re not great insulators because they transfer heat well.
  • On a hot day, a steel door will feel hot if you touch it.
  • When steel gets banged up, it shows. If you bump your steel door with furniture or if your kids run into it, it can dent.
  • In a hot climate like ours, a better choice might be fiberglass, which holds it shape better and doesn’t get as hot on a sunny day. 
  • Sanderson Ford

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