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The home inspector who comes to your home will need safe and easy access to all areas in order to do a thorough job. Here are five ways you can help make the inspection successful and quick:

  1. Unlock your home’s electrical panel if there’s a padlock on it. Don’t force the home inspector to try to locate someone who has a key, especially if you’re not home during the inspection.
  2. Clear the access area that leads to your attic. The inspector will bring a ladder in and crawl into the attic. If your access point is in the hallway or master bedroom, move furniture away from it and pick up clothes and other items that might be strewn in the path.
  3. Restrain or lock up your pets before the inspector arrives. Even a dedicated inspector won’t risk a dog bite or tussle with an angry cat.
  4. Tell the inspector before he arrives if you allow people to wear shoes in your home. If you specify “no shoes,” he can bring a pair of surgical “booties” to slip over his shoes so he won’t drag any dirt onto your new or just-cleaned carpet. Most inspectors will walk in and out of the house several times during the inspection.
  5. Light all pilot lights in the home, even if it’s vacant, and turn on all utilities. Part of the inspector’s job is to test outlets and make sure appliances and lights are working properly. If you shut off your gas and electricity, you won’t get a thorough inspection. Plus, the inspector won’t be able to see everything if there’s not enough light in the house.

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