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My House Smells Like Sewer, Not Just In The Bathroom

Sometimes we get a call for a homeowner experiencing a sewer type smell in their house and yard! They can detect the odor throughout their property, with no obvious point of origin.

Here we show an S&P radon mitigation fan mounted temporarily on a home just to verify this would solve the problem. It did in this case, and it always has in the past.

These pictures show a temporary installation with the motor wired to a modified extension cord. This is VERY illegal. We only do this for very temporary installations, just to verify that it solves the problem.

When you determine it solves the problem (which we are fairly confident it will), contact a licensed electrician, have them pull a permit if required in your area and have them permanently mount a roof receptacle on a GFCI circuit. This fan draws very little current so it can be added to any circuit available generally speaking.

This fan propels the odor high enough above your house that the natural environment will take care of it from there. Your home will be odor free!

– In the picture you can also see some PVC tops mounted on top of the other plumbing vent stacks. We have found these helpful in the most hard to solve situations, and you can find them at That is an interesting site to review as well for septic odor elimination!

– For the S&P fan, simply search Google for a “ S&P radon mitigation fan.” You will find various supply houses at various price points. We have been buying the model PRF-100 suitable for outdoors. It’s about $200.00 and comes with a rubber no-hub coupler that makes it very easy to mount to the vent pipe stand. In some instances we have to mount an ABS pipe extension above the fan to get the odor above parapets of roof ridges that are close, but this is rare.

You are going to be really happy you asked us…this will cure the problem! Please let us know how it works out!


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