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Natural gas is available to many Arizona homeowners.  There are lots of benefits to natural gas but there are some safety precautions you should take.

Know how to turn the gas off to your home.  Typically your gas meter will be located at a front corner of your home (some older homes the meter will be on the wall closest to the alley).  On the gas line coming up from the ground there is a valve that can be turn off using a wrench.  This valve will shut off all the natural gas to your home.  

Know your appliance shutoff locations.  Most gas appliances are required to have a shutoff located next to the appliance.  Dryers, ranges, and water heaters typically have a shutoff valve installed on the gas line where it comes through the wall next to the appliance.  With a gas cooktop the shutoff valve may be located in the cabinet below the cooktop.

Know before you dig.  Call 811 and have any area you plan to excavate around your home marked for the locations of utilities.  This is a free service and even if you don’t have natural gas to your home there can be gas lines and other utilities anywhere.

If you smell gas call your gas provider.  Natural gas has an element added to it that gives it a rotten egg/sulfur smell.  Your gas provider will send a technician to identify the problem and typically respond very quickly to reports of a leak.

Never tackle gas line repairs/remodels yourself.  Gas piping is one of those items in your home you should never tackle yourself.  Have a licensed plumber complete all gas repairs and new installations.

Be informed.  Your natural gas provider will have many educational resources available to you.  If you’re a natural gas user take some time and look through the information your provider has available.

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