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The Process of Updating Outdoor Living Spaces

It’s the middle of 2023. While mid-summer may be a little toasty to spend outside, once fall hits, many of us will be headed for more time on our patios and porches. How long has it been since you updated your outdoor living spaces?

Bruce Stumbo, co-operations manager, estimator, and sales consultant with Rosie Right, a Rosie on the House Certified Partner, gives us some insights into the BBQ scene and the new features happening on patios throughout Arizona.

Outdoor Cooking

Let’s start with outdoor cooking. Bruce offers insights into what goes into the magic of getting the design done.

“Well, it is no longer the stuccoed concrete block stand-alone with a grill on it,” he says, smiling.

Apparently, the BBQ on the patio is morphing into a full-blown kitchen with all the trimmings. So, what does that mean? In Arizona, outdoor living has been a staple for generations. As we enjoy our homes more, folks are investing in making their outdoor spaces more livable. We all know the kitchen is the center of our home. That’s where we gather as a family and as guests. Add the desire to be outside, the kitchen wants to be there as well.

Bruce tells us that outdoor kitchens are generally designed similarly to indoor kitchens for layout, easy access to appliances, and cooking. There are some differences, though. Storage of food items tends to have smaller space requirements as indoor storage suffices for most of our storage needs. Refrigerators for such storage are typically under the counter.

Materials & Appliances

The other major difference in today’s outdoor kitchens is the material used to construct them. Our outdoor kitchens need to be protected from the elements. The Sun can wreak as much havoc on kitchen components as rain, sleet, and snow, which is why Rosie Right | Design. Build. Remodel. builds a cover over the prep and cooking area. Several outdoor kitchens also cover a dining space.

The materials used in constructing the kitchen are made for exterior wear. The counters are solid surfaces, and walls and half-walls are covered with exterior materials such as stucco, siding, and stone. Cabinets are typically stainless steel which, in some applications, can be powder-coated to add color to the overall design. There are some manufacturers of composite cabinets that offer an embossed wood look that can provide design alternatives. These cabinets are generally made from a polymer that includes wood particles and uses a marine-grade glue not normally used on interior cabinets. They can withstand temperatures up to 265 degrees Fahrenheit, so they are safe for our desert dwellers. Sinks, ice makers, and even dishwashers are becoming part of the outdoor kitchen story. There is plumbing designed for colder climates in Arizona to ensure proper drainage.

We asked Bruce to tell us about the appliances being used. He says gas cooktops and ovens (especially pizza ovens) are quite popular. Under-counter refrigerators, warming drawers, hoods, and pretty much whatever your culinary needs are, can be satisfied for the outdoor kitchen.

The Design Process

Initiating the design process has always been where the real magic of any remodel begins. Outdoor kitchens are no different. Bruce tells us the design process at Rosie Right | Design. Build. Remodel. is integral to the successful outcome of any project, and it is a process they constantly improve.

Following an initial design meeting where the clients relay their project goals, the designer will produce some initial or preliminary sketches outlining possible solutions. This can be done in the home or in a design studio. What’s that, you ask? Taking a step back, it used to be that with all the design, materials, and fixture selections, folks would have to visit multiple showrooms in multiple locations to look at the hundreds of options from which they could select the items they wanted. Bruce tells us with their new design studio, the process can be simplified, streamlined, and quite pleasant.

After the preliminary discussions with a client, a designer will bring together a variety of alternatives based on the client’s preferences. At that design studio, displays depict various finishes and products like counters, cabinetry, and colors that are primarily chosen to inspire you. Given the thousands of different plumbing and lighting fixtures, ceramic tile designs, and such, it is not possible for all of them to be in one place. Because you do not want to travel many miles to visit all the showrooms, the designer will make a preliminary presentation of choices based on their conversations with you regarding your preferences. As the design process progresses, alternatives will need to be explored. Bruce stresses that by having one location, a great deal of confusion is eliminated. You don’t have to recall which showroom you saw what in, and all your selections remain in one location for you to revisit at any time during your project.

As the design progresses the estimator will help align design decisions with the budget. This happens at several stages in the process to avoid the heartache of creating a great design that doesn’t meet budget expectations. The production team is brought in to discuss timing and scheduling. All of this happens in one location, under one roof, with the same company of professionals.

When the design is finalized, you will have a project cost, schedule, and specific scope of work, that will allow your project to proceed, all within your comfort zone. That is the real benefit of a design studio staffed with professionals.

Join us this Saturday as we talk more with Bruce about how Rosie Right | Design. Build. Remodel. creates outdoor living spaces designed for each homeowner’s needs and vision.


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Outdoor patios are no longer just a concrete slab with a grill and furniture on it. A majority of the year is spent outside in Arizona. How about a kitchen, BBQ grills, big screen TVs, cabinets and misting systems. Its starts with a plan. Bruce Stumbo with Rosie Right gives you the insights you need to get started.

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