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You may not know that your pool pump uses more electricity than any other appliance in your house except your air conditioner. You also may not know that most pools are equipped with pumps that are too big and use way more energy than you need to keep the water sparkling clean.

In 2012 the Arizona Legislature passed Title 44 that requires new energy-efficiency standards for residential pool pumps. While it doesn’t mean you need to run out and change your pumps immediately, it does require newly installed pumps of one horsepower or greater to be dual, multiple or variable speed pumps. The regulation will ultimately help homeowner’s save money over time.

The manufacturers claim the pumps can cut energy use by up to 80 percent compared with single-speed pumps. Pool professionals we’ve polled throughout Arizona customers who have already made the switch report saving $300 or more a year on their electric bills.

After the first three years you’re going to save a considerable amount of money by going with a variable-speed model. Depending on how you adjust your seasonal timer, you can go from paying $350 to $400 a year with a single-speed pump, down to $100 per year and some as low as $55 with a newer pool pump. That’s an incredible savings.


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