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  1.  Security bars on the windows. If you feel you need them, leave them off of one window in each room or buy the kind that have a quick-release device that opens from the inside.
  2. Light bulbs in closets. Cleaning out your closet could help prevent a fire. Lots of closets have a single, exposed light bulb. If you cram enough clothes and boxes into a closet to touch that fixture, it could catch them on fire. In fact, 12 percent of house fires start in the closet. Likewise, if you have a skylight in a closet, the sun literally can scorch your clothes. Cover your skylights with UV film.
  3. Smoke alarms that don’t work. Move your smoke alarms so they’re high on the wall or on the ceiling, and add more so you have one outside of every bedroom in your house. Install carbon monoxide alarms, but place them low on the wall. The best device won’t operate properly if you don’t install it right or if the batteries aren’t fresh.
  4. Pets. Your cat or dog can knock over candles and space heaters, swat flammables onto a hot stove-top, chew through wires or even accidentally turn on a stove. Create barriers between your pet and flames or hot surfaces.


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