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Start by adding a mister. A misting system can cool your patio, gazebo or Arizona room by about 30 degrees. The system creates a curtain of cool air around your outdoor living space that keeps everyone comfortable, even on 100-plus-degree days.
Use water to nip the noise. If you live near a busy street, your yard won’t be much of a respite if all you hear is traffic. A water feature like a fountain, waterfall or moving stream will blend the background noise into the flowing water’s soothing sounds.
Invite nature to your yard. If you like a natural back yard design, choose one that invites nature in. A natural stream, for example, will attract birds and wildlife. Depending on the plants you choose for the stream, you could see more native and migratory birds, frogs and other critters. Caution: If you live on the edge of the desert, large animals like pumas could visit your yard. And if you have children at home, consider a stream that has no open pond, which might invite mishaps. You can opt for models that trickle as little as two inches of water, enough for fish, snails and frogs to thrive in, but not enough to pose a drowning danger.

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