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Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding Your Lawn

Fall is the time of year when Arizonans start planning for the new lawn in their yard. You need to decide what kind of grass you’d like to plant, how big of an area you want your lawn to be if you don’t already have an established space, and whether you’ll overseed as they do at many golf courses or whether you’ll go brown in winter.

October is the ideal time of the year for overseeding.

The daytime temperatures are about 80 – 85 degrees fahrenheit and the nights get down to around 55oF. Warmer weather tends to favor bermudagrass while at the same time prevents winter grass from getting established. If you overseed in colder weather, you may  get frost which will damage the young seeding grasses. 

Do you like to work in the yard?

If you have grass, you have to overseed it in the fall; and water, and mow, and weed, and edge and fertilize it all year round. You’ll need some sort of sprinkler/ irrigation system to water the grass regularly so it won’t die under the hot sun. Be prepared with the proper tools, time, and energy to care for your, soon to be, beautiful new lawn.

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Sarah Maitland of ‘SavATree’ is joined by Dave Jernigan of ‘The Gardner’s Touch’. Together we discuss the Tree Of The Month: the Chinese Pistache. Plus, we cover the reasons you should consider this tree for the right space. Dave goes thru the steps of overseeding for winter rye lawns, the pros and cons of a winter lawn, irrigation tips and explains how plant growth regulators are used in lawns and trees.




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