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Chocolates and roses are lovely Valentine’s Day gifts, but they last only a few days. Give your sweetheart a gift that will last for years: Fix up her bathroom so it’s the most luxurious room in the house. Some ideas: 

  • Upgrade the shower into a standing spa. Install an extra showerhead, and make it a large-faced “rain-can” model. Add a few wall- or ceiling-mounted sprays to pump steamy water onto your loved one’s aching back after a hard day. The whole family will be lining up for showers.
  •  Replace your old toilet with one that lowers the seat automatically. Even better: Find one that lowers the seat and heats it up. Toto’s Neorest 600 contains sensors so its lid automatically opens when someone approaches it, and then closes and flushes when the user stands up. The water-conserving tankless toilet comes with a remote control panel that regulates the temperature and angle of a warm-water cleansing spray and warm-air dryer.
  • Replace the shower curtain. This time, get a double rod. Hang a waterproof curtain on the inside rod to act as a water barrier. On the outside rod, hang a decorative shower curtain in your wife’s favorite color.
  • Flatter her with lighting. Repaint her bathroom in a neutral color that will give off a natural, color-free light. Then, replace your over-the-sink strip of lights with vertical wall sconces or ceiling lights. They keep the light focused on the face rather than the mirror, and eliminate natural shading under eyebrows nose and chin. 
  • Working on a tight budget? Simply replace those outdated, shiny polished chrome accessories, like towel racks, robe hooks, cabinet handles and doorknobs so they all match. Favorite finishes right now: oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel finishes.                               

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