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You know you can be allergic to cats, dust and pollen. Did you know cockroaches cause allergies, too? They also can trigger asthma.
Once you see roach in your kitchen–especially at night–it’s likely there are nearly 1,000 more around the house. They like to live under the kitchen sink and in closets. And they’ve become so resistant to bug spray that you’ll probably need to call a pest-control company to get rid of them. Plus, if you try to kill them with chemicals, you could aggravate your asthma.
Once they’re gone, keep them out. Rosie’s tips: 

  • Inspect everything you carry into your house, including grocery bags and suitcases.
  • Tightly cover your garbage and take it out every night. Store unrefrigerated food in metal, glass or hard plastic containers. Fix any plumbing leaks around the house.
  • Don’t leave out water bowls for pets overnight.


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