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What Is Permaculture?

Just What Is Permaculture?

As we do here at Rosie on the House, we consult with the experts when it comes to Outdoor Living! This time we meet with Farmer Greg Peterson of the Urban Farm about Permaculture and answer the question: Just what is permaculture anyway?

We have just announced our in person live 2022 Permaculture Design Course (PDC) starting in February. For more information visit the Urban Farm’s information page HERE!


Over 30 years ago a postcard landed in my mailbox about a Permaculture Design Course or PDC. To this day I am not at all sure how it found my mailbox, but I remember clearly standing in my front yard, here at the Urban Farm, reading it and getting chills. I immediately ran in and called the number on the card and registered. THAT was THE life changing moment for me.

Over the years since my first PDC I have come to the definition of Permaculture as “the art and science of living with nature”. But at the time it was just a fuzzy word with the promise of something that might contribute to my pathway in the world. During the five weekends of the course we had some classroom lecture time, some wandering around the desert time, and some hands on get-dirty time, each time was designed to get me thinking outside the box of how humans are supposed to interact with nature.

My Realization

Through all this what I realized was that Permaculture IS the way that I think. It was an enlightening and refreshing experience that launched me into a career of teaching permaculture and how to work and live in the flow of nature. My biggest passion over the last 30 years has been to share with others how they too can learn Permaculture.

What Others Experienced…

So moving forward each week or two for the next little while we’ll be putting out articles from Permaculture students and teachers about their experiences with Permaculture.

If you want to know more visit our Information page HERE! If you are interested in setting up a call with Greg about participating in the PDC email me at

Here’s to the best PDC we have ever done!

Read More about Permaculture from the Urban Farm HERE!

–Farmer Greg

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Permaculture is the art and science of working in the flow of nature to create self sufficient, sustainable landscapes. But let Farmer Greg explain it in simpler terms that can work to your advantage for trees and gardens. Learn about regeneration, stacking functions, circular composting and the fruit you can grow in the low desert!


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