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What Kinds Of Soil Do We Have In Arizona?

Arizona Soil

The Arizona climate and soil are able to support a variety of Arizona agriculture. 

Tune-in below! We’ll hear from U of A’s Dr. Silvertooth, Associate Dean and Director, Economic Development & Extension and Professor – Soil, Water and Environmental Science, The School of Plant Sciences. Discover why AZ agriculture is such a success story, fun statistics on Arizona’s climate and soils, and more! 

While our soil is great, the average Arizona homeowner may run into two kinds of soil that can cause problems for their home: 

  1. Expansive soils – they are clay-based. When they get wet, they swell and when they dry out, they shrink. The swelling can cause the soil to push up against a home’s foundation (this is what’s known as “heaving”). Heaving can crack a foundation.
  2. Collapsible soils – they are made of sandy silt. When they get wet and then dry out, they compact and can collapse. When they collapse, a house built on top can literally drop. This is what’s known as “settling.”

Home Maintenance/Outdoor Living To-Do: #AZClimate&Agriculture



Dr. Jeff Silvertooth is a renowned specialist in Agronomy and crop production management strategies in soil-plant systems. Joined by the Arizona Farm Bureau’s Julie Murphree, he explains why Arizona’s year round climate and unique soils benefits many crops grown year round, high quality seed production and the myths about plant genetics and GMO’s. All combined to make Arizona a key state for agriculture.


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