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What Lock Is Recommended For Securing Exterior Gates and Fences?

HOMEOWNER QUESTION: Homeowner is having exterior fences replaced in her yard and is unsure about the type of lock she should use; dead bolt or a traditional type of lock?

ROSIE’S ANSWER: Rosie recommends the homeowner call North Valley Locksmith, but says “if I was putting a gate in my yard that gave access to my yard and swimming pool, it would have a deadbolt on it.”

NORTH VALLEY LOCKSMITH ANSWER: David Kamber, Owner of North Valley Locksmith says, “Yes, a deadbolt is perfectly fine. For private homes a double sided deadbolt is the most secure. All locks eventually come out of balance. Sometimes going to a pool gate it’s wanted to be self locking and latching depending on the HOA. All apartments have self closing and latching locks.”





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