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The methods of removing sheet vinyl differ depending on the size of the area that you plan to remove. Smaller areas can actually be removed with a hand tool called a floor scraper. They are available at most ceramic tile wholesale and retail distributors. They come with handles anywhere between 12″-48″ long and a mouth in which you mount a 6″-8″ wide razor type blade. We personally like the longer handled tools because you can scrape the floor applying the full force of your weight against the handle, making it just a little bit easier to remove the sheet vinyl. The short handled scrapers are good for tight areas such as underneath cabinet toe kicks. Floor scrapers cost anywhere from $12 to $40 and the blades generally cost $2 to $4 dollars a piece.

If you have a large area to remove, I’d recommend renting an electric vinyl remover. It is a very heavy piece of equipment that has oscillating knife edges which vibrate back and forth across the surface of the concrete, doing virtually the same thing the manual scraper does with a little less effort. It’s a very noisy and heavy machine but it is more efficient for large projects.


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