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  1. Recycle and donate. Every time the season changes, empty your closet. What haven’t you worn in a year? Donate it to someone who will use it. Arrange what’s left so you’ll find it easily: Group shirts in one section, pants in another, suits on their own and dresses nearby. If you have room, separate casual clothes from work wear.
  2. Install shelves. They create a place to neatly stack and store the things you might otherwise stuff in a drawer or pile on the closet floor. You can get pre-made wire, laminate or wood closet shelves anywhere that sells closet organizers.
  3. Move the rod. Every closet needs two or three—at least. Hang one rod 70 to 84 inches from the floor for long items like coats and dresses. Add two more, one on top of the other, at 84 and 42 inches from the floor. Use them for hanging slacks, blazers, shirts and skirts.
  4. Pick up your shoes. Tossing them onto the closet floor makes a mess. Instead, arrange your shoes so the ones you wear most often line up on a shoe shelf or hanging shoe caddy. Keep special-occasion shoes in boxes on a shelf.
  5. Use wall space. Add a valet rod that pulls away from the wall when you need to hang newly dry-cleaned clothes or the outfit you’ll wear tomorrow.  The back of the closet door is a handy place for a tie/belt rack.
  6. Incorporate wire baskets so you can see what’s in them and a pull-out hamper.

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