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Your full-sized artificial tree is probably the hardest holiday item to pack up and store. Do it the easy way: Devise a system.

Step 1: Get rid of the cardboard box your tree came in.

Over the years, the box will bend, rip, and create an inviting space for insects that can damage the tree. Consider replacing the box with a Christmas tree storage bag that zips around the tree so you don’t have to take it apart every year. Be sure to buy a bag that’s big enough to cover your tree. If you don’t have room to store the tree without taking it apart, you could invest in a box designed to store artificial trees or get a couple small tree bags and fit the different parts in each. Be sure to label each section!

Step 2: Organize the pieces

If you’re dismantling your tree for storage, organize its pieces. Most manufacturers color-code the branches of large artificial trees so it’s easy to match all of the parts that belong on each tier of the tree. When you take your tree down, bundle the branches from each tier together.

Step 3: Keep the tree neat and straightened

Straighten branches so they lie flat and take up less room in the storage container. 

Step 4: Clean, then store the tree

Clean the tree part by part as you disassemble it so dirt and dust won’t damage it while it’s in storage. Carefully dust branches and wipe down the trunk with a barely damp cloth. Check the tree base and center pole for cracks and other damage. If you find them, consider replacing the tree now while they’re on sale after the holiday.

Step 5: Store for next year

If all looks well, place the base into the container. Then add the center pole, and then the stacks of branches.

Step 6: Find a place to keep the box until next year.

Be sure to store your tree someplace safe. A lot of folks store their tree in the garage on hanging organizer racks, for example, but be cautious of the heat that might ruin the tree. Ohers store their tree on a closet shelf if they have the space.

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