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If your project involves tearing down walls, cutting out spaces for new closets, moving counters, sinks and stoves, or if it touches the structure of your home in any way, you need an architect.

If the project involves rearranging your space, you probably need an architect. Architects know how to keep your room structurally sound—so you don’t remove a wall that’s needed to hold up the ceiling or install your new cabinets over the only light switch in the room.

They not only figure out how to safely take the room apart, but they know how to put it back together so it functions how you need it to. For example, an architect can:

  • save you from making your kitchen too small to comfortable entertain in.
  • steer you away from building a game room so close to the family room that mom and dad can’t hear their TV because of the noise.
  • consider the relationships of rooms to the out of doors, to each other and to how you move about your home.
  • prevent you from covering all of your electrical outlets with cabinets—or at least plan where the new outlets will go.
  • make sure your project complies will all of the local building codes. Some architects also can help you choose materials like tile flooring and granite for countertops, although many will refer you to an interior designer for advice on finishes and colors.

Choose an architect who has relationships with interior designers so you can hire a pair that works well together

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