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We Recommend You Clean & Inspect Your Existing Fireplace & Chimney System In Your Stucco Home

Homeowner Question

Dave in Phoenix writes in to ask:

“Who do you recommend coming clean and inspect my existing, approximately 28-year-old fireplace insert and chimney system in my frame-stucco home? Most likely is original insert, built in 1984. I get smells inside the home during use and have not cleaned the chimney. I suspect some rusting or deterioration in the chimney or where it connects at the flue and firebox. Thank you!”

Pile of Creosote
Pile of Creosote

Thanks for the question, Dave! Not only is yours a great question, with the fall season upon us it is very timely. It is never too late to clean your fireplace, and then have it inspected. You may be lucky that no fire has been started (where you don’t want it, that is!). A chimney fire in a wood frame housing can be devastating – but yours is still standing! So, take the time to call and get it inspected and cleaned. Give Rebecca at Arizona Chimney & Air Ducts a call, she’ll be happy to help you out – (602) 439-3218!

The smell you mention is a buildup of many years of creosote. Even the paper logs deposit creosote if you use them. The creosote buildup can cause a fire or even a smoldering fire in the chimney. You very likely have a prefabricated fireplace built into the frame of your stucco home. These fireplaces need to be inspected to make sure there are not any disconnects in the pipes from the box all the way to the rain cap on top. Since the chimney casing is wood it is very important that the chimney flue pipe is without any holes for sparks to get into the case area and set the wood on fire. Your fireplace should not have rust down close to the box, you could have some water issues that you are not aware of getting through the top of the crown or rain cap. A good inspection process will include this.

For more information, contact Rebecca at Arizona Chimney & Air Ducts, (602) 439-3218!

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