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November 13, 2021


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Sarah Maitland of SavATree is joined by Aimee Esposito of Trees

Discussion of the Tree Of The Month:  The Chinese Elm.

Aimee talks about Trees Matter and their goal to inspire and promote and increased tree canopy in the Valley.  They work with SRP on their Shade Tree Program among other programs they’re involved with.

Tree Benefits Calculator

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

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Interior Designer And Planner Rochelle Horn of Rosie Right Remodeling talks about what it takes to getting a remodeling project started.  Especially when most good contractors are backed up with current projects.

Whats the first conversation between the homeowner and contractor sound like?  What information should be shared?  Just as important, are the contractor and homeowner a good fit?   In a perfect world, when would the homeowner like it completed…and work backwards.

Planning stages can takes weeks.  Most underestimate the amount of decisions clients have to make.

Where to start and whats the progression of planning and choices from there on the project.

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

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Discussion about home security.  Things to consider to make your home the least desirable place on your block.  Starting with the front doors that are not facing the street.

CALLER:  Adding a bathroom and kitchen to the Arizona Room for a one bedroom.  Once the plans are done, how to submit to local government for permits.


Outdoor Living Hour: Talking Trees

Sarah Maitland from SavATree joins us this Saturday to discuss the Tree Of The Month! #ChineseElm. This is a great shade tree that adapts to limited growing areas. Plus, tis’ the season for lights! We’ll talk about WEEKLY BLOG | Read More >> and best practice for placement.

On the House Hour: Adding Texture To Complement Flat Surfaces

Texture in interior design is more than how furnishings and surfaces feel. It is also about incorporating visual texture in the form of tactile objects such as fabrics, wood, metal, and stone. Mixing materials to complement surfaces while providing comfort and enhancing depth and dimension to a room takes the skill of an experienced interior designer. We consulted with Rochelle Horn, CKBD, sales and design, Rosie Right | Design. Build. Remodel. One of the trends Horn is seeing a lot of is leathered or…

WEEKLY BLOG |

Homeowner Topic: Open Home!

Weekly To-Do: #RosieEstore – READ MORE>> | Join us this Saturday; we’ll be talking about gift giving this holiday season. Find the best gifts for yourself of the DIYer in your live on the Rosie Estore! 

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