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August 15, 2021
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Segment 1
(running time 13:05)
Segment 2
(running time 6:30)
Segment 3
(running time 6:30)
Segment 4
(running time 7:44)

Rosie & Jennifer are live from the SAHBA Homeshow in Tucson!

  • Arizona’s football weekend update with Rosie.
  • Explaining our fascination with “Earthships”
  • Jennifer’s experience traveling to Tucson and the beautiful skies over AZ.
  • Discussing what you can see in the recent Arizona Highways Magazine.
  • Have you seen AZ Big Media’s Experience AZ Magazine?
  • Some hiking destinations to check out in Arizona.


Segment 1
(running time 11:43)
Segment 2
(running time 6:59)
Segment 3
(running time 12:36)
Segment 4
(running time 6:38)
  • Weather and the rain make for a great transition to fall planting after the summer heat in Southern Arizona.
  • Rivers and streams that helped establish the farms and ranches in Arizona.
  • Tips on fall vegetable gardens.
  • Why we love raised planters for Arizonan’s. Check out Belgard Products for yours!

9:00 AM | On The House Hour

Segment 1
(running time 11:20)
Segment 2
(running time 6:31)
Segment 3
(running time 12:29)
Segment 4
(running time 5:53)

Arizona is notorious for hard water & their is so much bad information out there, so we talk water treatment with Kinetico Water Systems of Tucson!

  • The difference between water “Softening” & “Treatment”
  • Their is no such thing as a “salt-free water softener”  We explain why.
  • We answer the question “what is softened water?”

10:00 AM | Open Home Hour

Segment 1
(running time 12:07)
Segment 2
(running time 6:17)
Segment 3
(running time 12:13)
Segment 4
(running time 6:30)
  • Previewing the rest of the weekend at the SAHBA Homeshow.

Our impression of Earthships:

  • Rosie & Jennifer’s recent stay in one.
  • Why Rosie was inspired during his stay…..Independence.
  • Talking through the different components of the home.
  • Jennifer reads the “Mission Statement” for Earthships.
  • Natural Delights
  • Sanderson Ford

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